Mesh Networking is a boutique IT consulting firm dedicated to solving the complex technology problems that impact your organization. Throughout the past decade, the relationship between business and technology has radically changed, and there are new challenges that firms face daily about how to confront these issues.

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CEO & Founder, Mesh Networking LLC

Kevin Carter is the CEO & Founder of Mesh Networking LLC. Kevin has 10 years of experience in the finance and IT industries with an emphasis in IT and operations management. In the past, he has supervised day-to-day IT operations for multiple hedge funds with excess of $1 billion AUM, helping to implement and support IT infrastructure, trade operations, order management systems, and market data applications.

From 2010-2016, Kevin was the Chief Technology Officer at Dialectic Capital Management, LP. Before he joined Dialectic, he was a field technician and CSA/SSA Manager at Richard Fleischman & Associates, a hedge fund IT consulting firm.

Kevin is currently certified by (ISC)² [CISSP],  Microsoft [MCSA, MCITP, MCDST, MCP], SolarWinds [SCP], VMware [VCA-DCV, VCA-Cloud, VCA-WM], Rackspace [CloudU], Bloomberg [BTTC, BESS], and Apple [ACA].


Enterprises & Investment firms

In the past, Mesh Networking has worked with investment firms with billions of dollars in AUM to help them build and manage their IT infrastructures. Our expertise in the industry and experience with hedge fund electronic trading, operations, SEC/FINRA compliance, data warehousing, and other challenges give us an edge where other firms can't deliver the results you need. How can we help?

Small businesses

Mesh Networking has extensive experience working with small businesses from technology and financial firms to legal and accounting firms. Based on your technology needs and budget, Mesh Networking can work with you to provide the best possible solutions. Want to hear how we can help? Let us know.


We are interested in working with NGOs and other non-profits on networking opportunities around the world. Today, over four billion people worldwide don't have regular Internet access, and it's our goal to get information to those communities using innovative new networking technology. Interested? Contact us here.